Tuesday, 25 June 2019

June 25, 2019 at 11:11AM

We had such a killer night of thumping tunes at our last outing with Mattersphere and The Pretty Bones supporting the amazing Ablaze on their Long Way Home tour, that there was no choice but to hit up the Transit Bar again! This time, our great mates in Cognisant and Tundrel will be joining us in welcoming Chasing Lana to our fair city on the 13th of July. Hit us up for tickets to this one so as the Chasing Lana lads are motoring all the way up from Melbourne, they know they'll have a warm welcome waiting despite the Canberra chill. You really shouldn't miss this one!

The show must go on!

Not to play the blame game or name any names, but when Sam pretends he is too sick to make it to a show and you can't cancel because he ...