You talking to me? You talking to me? Oh, you're not huh? Well if you change your mind you can send me an email at info at hencethetestbed dot com.

See what I did there? I replaced the @ and the . with words so those nasty little net bots can't find me and tell me I need the worlds cheapest Viagra. Nasty spam.

So if you are too lazy to reconstruct an email address and actually type it in to your mail client to send us a message, I'm not sure we want to hear from you. Unless you have some really cheap Viagra for sale!

Facebook is a funny thing. You can find us there too but I'll be jiggered if I can work out how that thing operates. So expect some unexpectedness from them there parts. If we ever hit 100 likes I'll make up some phony prize and hand it out to myself at a star studded awards ceremony held  in an exotic location. I'll see you at the mall, Rick Astley

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