Tuesday 20 September 2011

A song so new, Sam will kill me!

Slow Days:
This is a brand new song, so green you can still taste the chlorophyll if you put it in your mouth. Not really recommended as it was manufactured on equipment that may contain traces of nuts.

When it comes to showing off new stuff Sam and I disagree. He likes to wait until it is all so polished you can see your own arse in it while I love the process and evolution of writing just as much, if not more than the finished product.*

What do you think? Is it unprofessional to show you behind the curtain? Does it ruin the magic or just give you a better sense as to where these crazy songs come from? There is a comment box down below that I fear will remain unnervingly empty unless I make a bunch of fake accounts and have a conversation with myself. Feel free to use it before I fill it with death threats to myself for eating the last of my own pizza without asking.

(Song is now missing due to a bungled time travel experiment) - 28-11-11

*Just as a disclaimer, this is a recording that was done by just throwing a mic in a room and is in no way a final product - as if you couldn't already tell.


  1. Dude... Just got home and found the pizza that I had especially put aside for my snack after my late shift at the toilet paper factory had gone missing. WTF! We have had this argument so many times before it feels like it is the only thing we ever do. "DON'T EAT MY PIZZA!!!" How can I make it any more clear? Oh, FYI I ate your pizza this morning for breakfast.

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