Tuesday 8 November 2011

We love the Phoenix

Had another awesome night at the Pheonix on the 3rd. After taking a few songs to warm up the Jimmi Carr band went to town and back and then in to town once more. Go and track them down and make them play for you. NOW! Or later. What ever is convenient.

Also, a big thanks to the awesome dude that came up after the show and wanted to buy albums off us. It just goes to show if we did indeed have an album, we could sell a million of them if we did a million gigs and there was always a super cool guy who wanted to buy one after each.

The prize of a free beer didn't go off this time so I'll have to come up with a new competition for no-one to enter. Check our gig guide for more info. Or less info I guess if you are looking for info that isn't Hence the Testbed next gig related.

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