Monday 28 November 2011

We made out alive...

We managed to get both our shows done with only minimal to slight permanent damage sustained. I'm not to sure how The Phoenix pulled up this morning though... it was like walking in to a seven day party on day six, right before the drinking starts again. Everyone was in high spirits though despite their mammoth efforts already and were all really keen to finish the party off in style! Thanks to all who made our all too brief stay something to remember.

After five of our seven gear lugs of the evening was complete, we were on stage at The Basement having a great time with a small but fantastic crowd of well-wishers and friends. It was quite a memorable night for a few reasons I would share with you, but what happens at the venue stays at the venue. Unless someone takes pictures of course.

After all this playing, we are pretty much raring to go for Summer Rhythm 2011. It's going to be an epic 3 days and if you aren't there, you are probably dead or in dire need of a life transplant!

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