Tuesday 17 January 2012

It's come to this...

We are pimping ourselves out. We need money for drugs strings and leads and sheet music stands and all that bandy type stuff. So this is where you, the savvy music connoisseur enter the picture. For the paltry sum of $99.97*, GST included, you get a live band at your next party, bbq, function, wake, bar mitzvah, telethon, marathon, questacon, beer opening ceremony, massive credit card debt celebration or any other event you can think of!**

We supply
  • guitars, bass and drums
  • amps
  • PA
  • 3 noise making specialists trained in their respective fields to operate aforementioned equipment
  • questions as to the whereabouts of the closest power outlet
 Our rider consists of
  • 2 beers
  • a place to park the van
  • roughly 84c  worth of electricity
  • people ready to have some fun
Interested awesome people should contact us by deciphering the devious captcha style contacts page and dropping us a line. Alternatively hit us up on the old facebook. Please don't mix that one up and hit us in the face with a book.***

Offer valid until May 31st, 2012 or until stock runs out so get in quick!

* All locations outside the A.C.T. or reasonable driving distance there from will incur a small $30,000 incidentals fee.
** kids parties incur a 3 kilo bag of lollies surcharge, payable in advance
*** truly horrible attempts at humour aside, the us does not including Sam. He's got it coming quite frankly

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