Wednesday 22 January 2014

Hence the Testbed

Have I got a deal for you! You love great music. You've found your new favourite band, Mother's Cake. You really want to see them live. Only problem is that they are from Austria. :( You COULD get a plane ticket to Austria for $1200. You COULD try to converse with Austrian cabbies, hotel staff and waiters as you bumble your way around a foreign land confusing all and sundry with your thick Australian accent. You COULD pay a fortune for accommodation, hookers and antibiotics. You COULD pay $40 to get a ticket to their show. Or... could grab a ticket from ourselves, Renegade Peacock or The Khalasar for the low, low price of $15. Yep, that's right, $15! By my calculations that is a net saving of around $1685!!* That's a lot of Chicken McNuggets! So let any of the bands know if you want to grab a ticket as the price is set to sky rocket on the door the night of Feb 19th to a brutal $20. You can use the extra $5 to buy your favourite Austrians a good old Australian brew as I'm pretty sure they don't have beer over there. *hooker quality may vary total price

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