Sunday 28 December 2014

Transience - Endless Change

Get an earful of this! Transience will be dropping by The Basement on the 9th of Jan for what is set to be an awesome show with ourselves, Second Sun and Sorry Meditators! Miss this one and you'll be kicking yourself. If that happens, send videos. Current world record for kicking ones self in the head is 127 but this guy wins on style points.

from Hence the Testbed



  1. Hi! The song is awesome, fell in love from the first notes.Please, write the lyrics, I'm from Russia, not so well know English to understand all the lines. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi there! It's not our song but I did find lyrics for it for you. You should drop Transience a message and tell them you like it too!

    - Kirky, Hence the Testbed


    The night comes as the daylight fades away
    We beat our drums to the sound of endless change
    Resolution comes at a price we never pay
    We see your homes and we watch them fade away
    They come

    We take
    We take your homes away
    We beat our drums
    Till the sound just slips away

    Forever the victims in this life
    Forever we beat our drums
    Together we’ll tear this down
    Till its right for you

    Tear them down
    Watch the walls come crashing down

    We are
    We are the leaders
    We are the receivers
    We are the ones for you

    Don’t them slip away into sound of endless change
    To the sound that we make when we beat our drum

    Wake up
    To the sound they’re making

    Been right but this is wrong
    A heart bleeds for so long

    Let them go, let it go
    Let them go, let us go

    1. Thank you so much! Now I can enjoy not only the awesome music, and cool text.


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