Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hence the Testbed

For your pleasure, Transit Bar is hosting an evening of tunes and merriment on the 19th of June. Your entertainment for the evening will be provided by monsterpiece, Kosciuszko Pale Ale, After Hollywood, White Rabbit Dark Ale, Midnight Alibi, and maybe some cider or spirits or something if you are that way inclined. Oh, and some dudes called Hence the Testbed who have been denied a GRAMMY this year for purely political reasons*. So come out and have some fun on us. It's FREE entry so you'll have plenty left over for tasty, tasty beverages. *We have to get better jobs and as such will finally have the funds but not the requisite skills due to lack of practice to record our potential GRAMMY award winning album because Joe Hockey doesn't want his $5.2 million dollar house to lose value**. **

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Hence the Testbed

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