Monday 28 September 2015

Hence the Testbed

Big thanks to all you awesome peeps who not only came out on Friday but stuck around waaaaay past nap time to check us out. We had a cracker of a time and hope you did too! Midnight Alibi, Cockbelch, Corpus Colloseum and Malk? all threw down killer sets that if you missed, you should be damn disappointed about. Thanks to Joel for having us and sticking to his guns with the promise of pants down. You're a trooper dude. And a shout out to all the bar staff for putting up with our antics once again. We appreciate that you haven't found cause to call the cops on us... yet. We are taking a trip down the road to Albury next, the 13th of November if you are interested in a road trip. And if you have any friends or family down that way, might want to give them a heads up. We are going to turn it up loud!

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