Monday 27 August 2018

Hence the Testbed

Thank you all who came along to Polish White Eagle Club on Saturday. We had an awesome time checking out Gen A - Musician, Second Sun and Northbourne Flats who all played blisteringly entertaining sets! Was a blast to see you all play and hope we can do it again soon. It's a fantastic venue, so get along there any chance you get to check out the food, beers and entertainment on offer. We are at The Phoenix next on Sep 3rd for a Monday Bootlegs with Palace Revolution, The Pretty Bones and Rumblr. Should be another great night of local tallent. Catch you there!

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Hence the Testbed

A hearty pat on the back to all who came out on Saturday to see some seriously killer sets by Clarity of Chaos, Psionic Tide and Mattersphere. You all smashed it! But I think we can all agree that Panik stole the show with their technical, energetic show and absolutely belting tunes! Was an absolute pleasure to see you guys play. Hopefully we will see you again soon! Next up we hit the Polish White Eagle Club with the awesome Second Sun, Northbourne Flats and Gen A on the 25th of August. They have some great food so get in early and try the pierogi. They are deee cent.

Saturday 11 August 2018

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