Wednesday 21 November 2018

Hence the Testbed

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaasive thanks to Nic Jones and the Pot Belly Bar for putting on a killer celebration! On Saturday night with Kurt on the knobs, it was a fat, warm and loud sound that rang through the 2617 doing the whole of Canberra proud. With so many things happening in this city, it's hard to keep up sometimes, so a warm thanks to all those whom came out to celebrate! JohnBoy Wickback, Triply, Box Jelly, Space Party, The Get Downs, Fat Controller and Black Mountain - Black Metal all smashed out killer sets to a super enthusiastic crowd. It looks like the Pot Belly is back as a music venue and I am really looking forward to seeing some new, and old favourites grace her cosy stage. I think the next announcement from us will be pretty exciting, but you will have to wait just a little longer I'm afraid.

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