Tuesday 31 December 2019

Roll the credits!

We all hope that you had a great 2019 and have stayed safe during the fires that are affecting almost everyone. It's hit pretty close to home for a lot of us. But here is to a cooler, less flamy Australia in 2020! This was the year that we finally released our CD! A huge thank you to you all for being so incredibly patient and to all of those who got it across the line for us. We really appreciate it and you can check out the video below for the full credits! A big thanks to all the bands we have played with this year, it is always a pleasure! I am Duckeye, Blissphorus, Filthy Lucre, Mattersphere, Ablaze, The Pretty Bones, Innaxis, Axiomatic Theory, @3 Broken Strings, Silentia, Cicadastone, Psionic Tide, ESCAPE SYNDROME, Beta Blockers, Changeable Dan, SCOTTS, The Barren Spinsters, reignofterror, Local Horror, Prophecise, CHUD, Clarity of Chaos, Loud So Clear, Cockbelch, The Wardens Of Sound, @The Narcissists, The Get Downs, Fvceless, El'Rose, Palace Revolution, GtoA, John Wickham, Just Jen, Tevia Jade Chasing Lana, @Cognisant, Tundrel, Planet of the 8s, Skyvory, Flash Anthem, Fat Controller, Midnight Animals, RED BEE, Perpetual End, Noveaux, Smeg, By All Means, Renegade Peacock and From Love to Violence Stay safe and see ya soon!
from Hence the Testbed https://ift.tt/2SF1Vx1

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