Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Hence the Testbed

Well that was something else! Who would have thought music sounds better when you stand up? Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting original live music. Was fantastic to see! Massive thanks to Astrodeath for visiting us. You guys tore the roof off the place! Hope the rest of the tour goes well and please, come back any time. A huge thanks to the locals Dead Lazarus, The Narcissists, Grand Duke and Hekate for all smashing out killer sets. World class stuff all around. And to Mike E., Damian and all The Basement crew, cheers for sticking with it through all the shit. Without such a killer venue, we'd all just be busking in the park. Until next time, legends.

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Hence the Testbed

Huge thanks to all who came out on Sunday! Was a great day with some seriously killer sets by Avalanche - Band, Dead Lazarus and Highland Li...