Wednesday 12 May 2021

Hence the Testbed

We have an awesome mix of music for you tomorrow, the night of May the 13th, 2021! THYME , Slowbeard and Beta Males will be sharing the stage with us for a Thursday most worthy of switching out your lounge room for The Basement. You really can't lose because if you work it out, you are probably in front and you've had a good time to boot! Bear with me here... Add all your monthly expenses together, rent, food, bills and divide that by 30. This is how much you spend a day to sit in your lounge room and watch your nice sized TV and listen to your awesome home stereo while sipping a bottle of beer. You might be one of the lucky ones that has a personal chef but I know I'm not. Now, for about the same price you are paying for all this, you could UPSIZE your Thursday night! Giant PA! Huuuuuge screen! Beer on tap! An actual TEAM of personal chefs at your disposal with Chompy’s at The Basement right in the same room! Live bands who have practiced for thousands of hours, with the soul purpose of entertaining you for the entire evening! What more could you ask for! You haven't lived until you have Upsized your Thursday. Catch you there!

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