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- 2014 -  
26/09/2014 - The Basement
13/09/2014 - The Sound Bar (Melb)
23/08/2014 - The Pot Belly
09/08/2014 - Secret... Shhh...
25/07/2014 - The Basement
19/07/2014 - Smiths
20/06/2014 - The Basement
01/06/2014 - The Basement
08/05/2014 - The Transit Bar
03/05/2014 - The Basement
26/04/2014 - Smiths
11/04/2014 - The Pot Belly
05/04/2014 - Hell Ranch
22/02/2014 - Magpies Club Civic
19/02/2014 - ANU Bar
14/02/2014 - The Basement
31/01/2014 - The Pot Belly
26/01/2014 - The Phoenix

- 2013 - 
31/12/2013The Basement
20/12/2013 The Pot Belly
23/11/2013The Phoenix
12/11/2013Charlie Black
09/11/2013ANU Bar
26/10/2013The Basement
04/10/2013Charlie Black
21/09/2013The Basement
23/08/2013The Basement
03/08/2013 The Pot Belly
02/08/2013ANU Bar
26/07/2013The Basement
19/07/2013The Basement
11/07/2013The Phoenix

6/07/2013PJ OReillys (Tuggers)
Vanity Riots, The Naddiks, The Khalasar

14/06/2013The Basement
Looking Glass, The Veil
21/05/2013Charlie Black
All the Kings Men, Azim Zain
24/04/2013The Basement
King of the North, Kid you Not, Peking Shears

20/04/2013The Basement
Renegade Peacock, Darker Half, Knights of the Spatchcock

19/04/2013The Basement
Kill Appeal, Tundrel, Critical Monkee

15/04/2013 - The Phoenix
Bootleg Session

23/03/2013 The Pot Belly
Decadence of Cain, Vintage Vulva, Tundrel

22/03/2013The Basement
The Deep End, Johnny Roadkill, Fires in July

15/03/2013The Basement
Festival 15

23/02/2013The Basement
Therein, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Bent Hen, The DevilzWork

15/02/2013The Basement
A two day event of unrivalled proportions! Less than 2 bucks a band. Hit us up on Facebook for some double night passes!

- 2012 -

31/12/2012 -  The Basement
New Years Eve spectacular! Kicks off at 2:30, Goes 'till late. Come for the free food, stay for the free food!

24/11/2012 -  PJ OReillys (Tuggers)
Critical Monkee and Johnny Roadkill will be tearing it up with us!

16/11/2012 -  The Basement
Vintage Vulva and The Bastard Sons of Liberty will be your entertainment for this evening. If you miss it, we bite the head off a tiny teddy biscuit.

27/10/2012 - The Phoenix
Black Mustang (Qld) and Maids (Newcastle) will be rocking out the Phoenix with us strapping in and hurtling along for the ride with them! Wooot!

20/10/2012 -  PJ OReillys (Tuggers)
Critical Monkee and Fiasco in Solace are our playing buddies tonight. Swing on by!

11/10/2012 -  The Transit Bar

Heading to the Transit Bar for the first time! With Sunchaser & the Wayward Orchestra and Point of View! See you there! It's free!!

30/9/2012 -  The Pot Belly
The BENefit! Huge day with a bunch of bands. Going to be an awesome time!

31/08/2012 - Calwell Tavern  
New venue for us to check out only minutes from the snow! With sinnerZ and I'm guessing some very cool local Calwellians!

18/08/2012 - 
The Basement
Trent's crazy  birthday deal! 8 bands, two stages, lots of libations.

16/08/2012 -The Phoenix

Howboy Cat, sinnerZ and ourselves tearing up the Phoenix like a strongman in a phone book wrecking frenzy. 

14/07/2012 -  The Basement

Fill in band to the rescue! We are playing Saturday, 14th of July 2012 at the Basement. Sound like it will be a corker of a show. With a description like this...

"Combining the explosive energy of Foo Fighters, a Green Day punch and Weezer

fun with a healthy overdose of Australian hard rock attitude, Melbourne rock band EMPRA launch their debut album at The Basement" couldn't go wrong! Come along and check it out!

13/07/2012 - The Greenroom

ESCAPE SYNDROME, Septimus Prime ACT, Barrel of Monkeys and us. The show has come and gone (amazing night!) but I've decided I'm going to leave all the old gigs up here so I can remember where we have played. The old noodle doesn't retain the pasta sauce as well as it used to. I don't even know what I'm talking about any more.

12/07/2012 - 
The Basement
The Glaciers, EMPRA , The Bastards - Another awesome night except Ad lost his snare stand. If you see a weird metal claw looking thingy just lying around, sling it this way can ya?

18/06/2012 - The Basement
So we've finally got a chance to bring the super retro, hand crafted backdrop of doom out for it's official first test run! Come check it out from 9pm this Friday at The Basement. On the bill we have singer songwriter extraordinaire John Lollback, the rock stylings of Critical Monkee and the banging tunes of Fiasco in Solace. And not to be forgotten, the amazing backdrop unveiling from us! Wear sunglasses...

09/06/2012 - The Pot Belly

Got a Howboy Cat, Sixty Eight Lyons, Hence the Testbed thing going on called Break On Through.

Don't worry if you didn't get the invitation yet. We put them all in the post but I'm pretty sure someone is tampering with our mail. It will turn up but it will look like a bill or a credit card statement or a summons or something. Don't worry though! That's your official invitation from us!

In the meantime, check out Sixty Eight Lyons!

22/05/2012 - The Basement

With Transvaal Diamond Syndicate! Oooh Yeah!


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