Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Hence the Testbed

A hearty pat on the back to all who came out on Saturday to see some seriously killer sets by Clarity of Chaos, Psionic Tide and Mattersphere. You all smashed it! But I think we can all agree that Panik stole the show with their technical, energetic show and absolutely belting tunes! Was an absolute pleasure to see you guys play. Hopefully we will see you again soon! Next up we hit the Polish White Eagle Club with the awesome Second Sun, Northbourne Flats and Gen A on the 25th of August. They have some great food so get in early and try the pierogi. They are deee cent.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Hence the Testbed

I'd forgotten about the virtual drummer!
from Hence the Testbed https://ift.tt/2NJQazA

Monday, 11 June 2018

Hence the Testbed

We still have a few tickets left for Festival Allsorts next weekend. It is the perfect opportunity to sample an incredible amount of Canberra talent all in one hit. Get in quick!

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

May 30, 2018 at 08:17PM

Hence the Testbed

A hearty thanks to all that came out on Friday to witness the awesomeness of Screaming Eagle and Lillye tearing up the stage! Thanks so much for having us and hope the rest of the tour is a cracker! Cheers to Jessie and Stu behind their respective consoles for making it sound and look pretty friggin' sweet! Love your work fellas. Next up we get to play with 24 other bands on the same bill. you heard right, 24 other bands! That's around 144 guitar strings. 50 sets of sticks. And if we shake the couch out, 3 guitar picks when we hit up Festival Allsorts #3 - 25 bands! So for all you lovely people, we have a deal. We can get you in for a dollar a band. Yup. That's how much we like you. Be warned though, it will cost you an extra tenner at the door so buying a ticket is not only fun, but frugal too! Sling us a message and we will sort you out. 😉 \m/>.<\m/

Monday, 7 May 2018

Hence the Testbed

Big huzzah to all who wandered down to the Pot Belly Bar on Friday. All the bands had a great night and hope you did too! Thanks for having us on the bill Nic! Was a pleasure! Special props to Kurt who just happens to travel with a full guitar rig in tow! Only problem is that Sam has learnt absolutely nothing about the importance of bringing your own gear to a show. In fact, it has just reaffirmed his belief that he can just wander around and everything will just work out for him. I guess if it works for him and he's prepared to take the risk. Drift on you crazy dude! Next killer show that we are lucky to be a part of is happening at The Basement on the 25th of May with Sydney's own hard rockers Lillye! Should be an absolute cracker. Teaming up with their good friends and partners in crime for the recent Gilby Clarke tour, Screaming Eagle, it promises to be a night of non-stop-rock*! *night will actually end at some stage as universal laws of physics and time still apply for some dumb reason