Monday 28 September 2015

Hence the Testbed

Big thanks to all you awesome peeps who not only came out on Friday but stuck around waaaaay past nap time to check us out. We had a cracker of a time and hope you did too! Midnight Alibi, Cockbelch, Corpus Colloseum and Malk? all threw down killer sets that if you missed, you should be damn disappointed about. Thanks to Joel for having us and sticking to his guns with the promise of pants down. You're a trooper dude. And a shout out to all the bar staff for putting up with our antics once again. We appreciate that you haven't found cause to call the cops on us... yet. We are taking a trip down the road to Albury next, the 13th of November if you are interested in a road trip. And if you have any friends or family down that way, might want to give them a heads up. We are going to turn it up loud!

Thursday 24 September 2015

Hence the Testbed

Tomorrow night is PEANUTFEST 2015! Midnight Alibi are lugging all the way up from Albury just to get a taste of what us Belcononians take for granted - some serious venue hospitality from The Basement and her fine crew. With the mighty Gallus Gallus Domesticus Eructate, or as they are affectionately known, Cockbelch spewing forth some home truths you may or may not be ready for. Corpus Colloseum and Malk? (aka NWE) will be tearing up the stage too so it promises to be a night of merriment, mayhem and murder!! Well hopefully not the last one. Too much paper work. See you downstairs!

Thursday 17 September 2015

Monday 7 September 2015

Hence the Testbed

Was just thinking to myself, "Self, we have played with a lot of bands over the last 4 years." and then I thought back to myself, "Yeah, I wonder how many it actually is?" Then I got creeped out by my inner monologue for a bit. Then I got hungry and ate a Taco. Then I wondered what I was wondering before my Tasty Taco Then I got creeped out again. Then I went and found all gig references and compiled a list. Then I accidentally deleted the list. Well, I won't bore you with the details but the grand total seems to be in the order of 219, give or take. Apologies if I have missed anyone but this is the internets memory I'm using here, not mine. If it were mine, the only band we would have on the list would be Tasty Taco. Oh and as a side note, we haven't even left Canberra. This is just a small sample of the amazing talent emanating from, and flowing through town . Pretty cool huh? 2hyped Abreact After Hollywood Alice Through the Winshield Glass Alithia All the Kings Men And Then Silence Andy Murphy Architect DJs Ashley Feraude Azim Zain B-tham Bacon Cakes Barrel of Monkeys Beast impalor Beneath the Tides Bent Hen Beth n Ben Big Score Black Mustang Black Samurai Bleeding Gasoline Breaking Orbit Bricksta Brother Be Cassian Casters Chainsaw Mascara Chardy Choc St. Clair Chud Cockbelch Critical Monkee Cuddlefish Darker Half Deathcap Mushroom Decadence of Cain Deprivation Despite Eviction Disect Dubba Rukki Dubmarine Dylan Hekimian D’Opus & Roshambo EMPRA Escape Syndrome Evil Eddie Fat Controller Fiasco in Solace Fire on the Hill Fires In July FourthState Frankenbok Fun Machine Gabriel Gilmour Ganga Giri Genuis Ghetto Pimp Gibbanez Goodwill Greenthief Haley & Pete Hayley Shone Hearing Voices Heaven Tthe Axe Hermitude Hook n Sling House of Thumbs Howboy Cat I Am Duckeye Imperliment In Death Incongrious Inside the Exterior Intel Interceptor Internal Nightmare Ivory Lights Jeff Lang Jemist Jimmi Carr John and the Belly blacks John Lollback Johnny Roadkill Jono Fernandez Kazuki Keirra Jade Kid you Not Kill Appeal King of the North Kingfisha Knights of the Spatchcock La Gioconda Laced In Lust Law of the Tongue Little Mac and The Monster Men Looking Glass Loose Cannon Los Chavos Magic rob Universe Magnifik Maids Mandel Drop Marc Robertson Massive Matt Dent Matteo Rubbettino Maxo Midnight Alabi Mila Haske Minh Ha Miscreation Mishmash Mnmlych MonsterPiece Mooky Mornings Mothers Cake My Own True Love Na Maza NeonHoney Nobody Knew they were Robots Noveaux Ocumus Rising Our Last Enemy Peaking Shears Peekz Penguin Perpetual End Pete Akhurst Pocket Fox Point of View Psynonemous Rafe Morris Red Bee Reign Of Terror Renegade Peacock Resonance Richie Blaze Riske Rodskeez S.E.T.H Salmonella Dub Samantha Hera Scotts Second Sun Self Is A Seed Seppy Septimus Prime Shaep Shifta Shazam Signs & Symbols Silentia sinnerZ Sixty Eight Lyons Smashed Hat Sorry Meditators Southerly Change Steve Sobevski Stoj Stu Tyrell Styles & Hyde Sunchaser and the Wayward Orchestra Super Best Friends Svelt T:mo Taliesin Team Wing Temtris Tensions Arise The Archaic Revival The Barren Spinsters The Bastards The Bird The Blue Ruins The Cashews The Chuffs The Deep End The Defiant Few The DevilzWork The Duelist The Ellis Collective The Feldons The Fighting League The Glaciers The Ians The Ingrids The Kevin Windross Band The Khalasar The Naddiks The Revelers The Rocksteady The Roger Bone Band The Veil Therein Time & Weight Tjupurru Tonk Tortured Toxicmen Transience Transvaal Diamond Syndicate Troldhaugen TTTDC Tundrel Van She Tech Vanity Roits Variodivers Vintage Vulva Voltera Walky Wallflower Wax Rabit Whomple Stiltskin WitchGrinder WitchSkull Zac Hore Zoopagoo

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