Monday 26 January 2015

January 26, 2015 at 04:28PM

Hence the Testbed

We had another amazing night at Smith's Alternative Bookshop on Friday. Cheers to all that came out and soaked in the amazingly good vibes! Second Sun we in incredible voice as always and Marc kicked the night of in fantastic style showing of some serious technical and song craft wizardry that had all minds completely blown! Our next outing is an unbelievable line up of bands. Shananigans Entertainment have put together a line up of doom! King Of The North, RED BEE and Troldhaugen. Not enough for you? well how about Renegade Peacock, Johnny Roadkill and Knights of the Spatchcock? No, still want more? Well how about Beast Impalor, Noveaux, The Revelers and Marc Robertson? Now that's some talent! It's serious honour for us to be on the line up and it will be one of the best nights of live music you will hear this year. Tickets are on sale now with links in the comments. See you Friday the 13th at The Basement!

Monday 12 January 2015

Hence the Testbed

A massive thank you to all those who came out on Friday night! We really appreciate the support even in to the graveyard shift. You are all dead set legends! The Melbourne contingent in Transience and Sorry Meditators were both in incredible form! What ever you are doing to breed these musos down south of the border, keep it up - that is unless it's some sort of crazy mutant breeding program or something where you have to test on rabbits. Cause that's not cool. Rabbits are for eating. And once again, Second Sun blew me away! Just the perfect amount of everything in all the right spots and some songs reminded me of a sound that I haven't heard around here for 15 years or more. A really good sound that I'm glad has made a return. If you missed out last time though, please don't despair! Second Sun and ourselfeses will be doing an encore performance on the 23rd of January at Smith's Alternative Bookshop. I'll be the one in the self help section, helping myself.

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