Thursday 25 August 2011

The Phoenix!

Got a show coming up at The Phoenix in civic on the 1st of September with The Roger Bone Band. Sam's going to do some solo acoustic stuff too so if you want to catch a song about a frog and some interesting tunes that have yet to make it in to full band rotation, this would be your chance.

We are also playing the Mooseheads Band Comp on the 5th of September. We are in a heat with some pretty talented performers. Tara Favell brings the silky sweet Taylor Swift esque vocals while 308 (if they are indeed the 308 playing - my research skills sort of suck so I could have the wrong band) bring the heavy. Seems we will just end up hanging about in the middle of a talent sandwich. That sounds a bit wrong but I couldn't be bothered deleting it, even though typing this bit was probably far more effort that deleting would have been. I should just cut my losses really, shouldn't I?

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Fun times tomorrow night!

Fat Controller are playing at The Basement tomorrow night (20th August 2011) so if you want to see two thirds of Hence the Testbed strut their stuff, head on down. And if you are the first person to come up to me, the bearded weirdo and say "I wake up with Hence the Testbed!" I'll buy you a beer.

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