Tuesday 31 December 2019

Roll the credits!

We all hope that you had a great 2019 and have stayed safe during the fires that are affecting almost everyone. It's hit pretty close to home for a lot of us. But here is to a cooler, less flamy Australia in 2020! This was the year that we finally released our CD! A huge thank you to you all for being so incredibly patient and to all of those who got it across the line for us. We really appreciate it and you can check out the video below for the full credits! A big thanks to all the bands we have played with this year, it is always a pleasure! I am Duckeye, Blissphorus, Filthy Lucre, Mattersphere, Ablaze, The Pretty Bones, Innaxis, Axiomatic Theory, @3 Broken Strings, Silentia, Cicadastone, Psionic Tide, ESCAPE SYNDROME, Beta Blockers, Changeable Dan, SCOTTS, The Barren Spinsters, reignofterror, Local Horror, Prophecise, CHUD, Clarity of Chaos, Loud So Clear, Cockbelch, The Wardens Of Sound, @The Narcissists, The Get Downs, Fvceless, El'Rose, Palace Revolution, GtoA, John Wickham, Just Jen, Tevia Jade Chasing Lana, @Cognisant, Tundrel, Planet of the 8s, Skyvory, Flash Anthem, Fat Controller, Midnight Animals, RED BEE, Perpetual End, Noveaux, Smeg, By All Means, Renegade Peacock and From Love to Violence Stay safe and see ya soon!
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Wednesday 27 November 2019

November 27, 2019 at 07:51PM

Thanks to VALLEY FM 89.5 and Gwg Heldon for our first outing on the airwaves. Really appreciate the support! Got an official launch in the pipeline, but in the mean time, you legends that have stuck with us for all these years can have first crack at grabbing a copy of the CD! Just wander over to https://ift.tt/2tzxhbG and click all the appropriate buttons and you should be well on your way to CD ownership. There are two options, so if you want a copy of the physical disc mailed out to you, make sure to click the Buy Compact Disc option. Ad in the mail room will be more than happy to fill your orders. If he does well, he may even be in line for a promotion to supervisor. Thank you all for your support so far. Bloody legends, each and every one of you!

Monday 25 November 2019

Home | ValleyFM 89.5

Hi all! It's been too long. How have you been? I hope everyone is well. Just thought I would drop by and let you know that if you have a listen to VALLEY FM 89.5 tonight at around 10pm, you might just catch the first on-air play of a track from our self titled CD. Oh, did I forget to mention that the CD that took longer than Duke Nukem to finish, is finally done? Silly me! We'll organise a bit of a party then shall we? I'll let you know when the details firm up. But for tonight, we can all gather around the radio/embedded live player and have a bit of a listen. Thank you so much to everyone that has made this possible. Far too numerous to mention you all by name in this forum, but we have put together a little something for you that you can access if you have a copy of the CD. Thanks legends! https://ift.tt/2OJVpBg
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Well, well, well. That took longer than anticipated but it is finally here!

Head on over to the Bandcamp page to grab yourself a copy of the CD that took us 1 day to record and 5 years to finish. Money was our biggest hurdle so throwing us a few bucks will help us get the next one out a lot quicker. Thanks to everyone for their support and patience so far!

Sunday 22 September 2019

The show must go on!

Not to play the blame game or name any names, but when Sam pretends he is too sick to make it to a show and you can't cancel because he has only given you an hours notice, you get the best in the business to fill in! Huge thanks to Pella, Nic and Sep for stepping up and making some tunes up on the fly with us. Seppy, you are a frontman extraordinaire my friend! Thanks to the Pot Belly Bar for letting us take over the place once again and a huge thanks to Fat Controller and Midnight Animals for bringing the rehearsed tunes and a tidy and enthusiatic crowd. Legends every one of you! #ShirtsOffForSam
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Wednesday 11 September 2019

The Walk - Black Cyprus

We mustn't be pushing Sam hard enough. He's had enough time to smash out this super catchy number with his amazingly talented sister Rosie. Awesome chilled vibes from Black Cyprus.
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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Hence the Testbed

Huge thanks to Planet of the 8s for making the trek to town to blow the roof of the Transit Bar on Saturday night. Hope to see you lads again real soon! Make sure to keep an eye out for Skyvory and Flash Anthem around town too as they are both smashing out really killer sets. Was an awesome night of music, masterfully mixed by the one and only Kurt Neist. And a big thanks to all you legends that came out to support local music, you made it a great night! Next up, we hit Pot Belly Bar with Fat Controller and Midnight Animals on the 21st of Sep for some beats, brews and bands in in bonny Belco. You bloody beauty!

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Hence the Testbed

Have just updated the list of bands we have played with. The new count is 313. After Friday Transit Bar it will be 316 care of Planet of the 8s, Skyvory and Flash Anthem! Cheers to every band / muso on the list, sound guy behind the desk and venues and their staff who have all put in countless hours of their time, stacks of their money, and a bunch of bodily fluids honing their craft. All so we can all have a bit of a listen to some live tunes while having a beer. Absolute legends one and all! 2hyped / 3 Broken Strings / Ablaze / Abreact / Acolyte / After Hollywood / Alice Through the Winshield Glass / Alithia / All the Kings Men / And Then Silence / Andy Murphy / Architect DJs / Ashley Feraude / Axiomatic Theory / Azim Zain / B-tham / Bacon Cakes / Barrel of Monkeys / Beast impalor / Beneath the Tides / Bent Hen / Beta Blockers / Beth n Ben / Betty Alto / Big Score / Biilmann / Black Mountain / Black Mustang / Black Samurai / Bleeding Gasoline / Blissphorus / Box Jelly / Breaking Orbit / Bricksta / Brother Be / Brother Be / By All Means / Cassian / Casters / Chainsaw Mascara / Changeable Dan / Chardy / Chasing Lana / Choc St. Clair / CHUD / Cicadastone / Clarity of Chaos / Cockbelch / Cognisant / Corpus Colloseum / Critical Monkee / Cuddlefish / D’Opus & Roshambo / Dark Nemisis / Darker Half / Deathcap Mushroom / Decadence of Cain / Deprivation / Despite Eviction / Disect / Dubba Rukki / Dubmarine / Dylan Hekimian / El'Rose / EMPRA / Escape Syndrome / Evil Eddie / Experimentina / Fat Controller / Fiasco in Solace / Filthy Lucre / Finding Eve / Fire on the Hill / Fires In July / Flash Anthem / FourthState / Frankenbok / From Hell's Heart / From Love to Violence / Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene / Fun Machine / Fvceless / Gabriel Gilmour / Ganga Giri / Gen A / Genuis / Ghetto Pimp / Gibbanez / Goodwill / Grand Duke / Greenthief / Grunge Monkee / GtoA / Haley & Pete / Hayley Shone / Hearing Voices / Heath Marshall / Heaven The Axe / Hermitude / Hook n Sling / House of Thumbs / House of Thumbs / Howboy Cat / Hysterias / I Am Duckeye / Idiot Dog Brain / Imperliment / In Death / Incongrious / Innaxis / Inside the Exterior / iNsuRge / Intel / Interceptor / Internal Nightmare / Ivory Lights / Jeff Lang / Jemist / Jimmi Carr / John and the Belly blacks / John Lollback / John Wickham / Johnathan Devoy / Johnny Roadkill / Jono Fernandez / Just Jen / Kazuki / Keirra Jade / Keverina / Kid Presentable / Kid you Not / Kill Appeal / King of the North / Kingfisha / Knights of The Spatchcock / La Gioconda / Lab 64 / Laced In Lust / Lathams Grip / Law of the Tongue / Leisure Suit Lenny / Lillye / Lions Of The Underground / Little Mac and The Monster Men / Local Horror / Looking Glass / Loose Cannon / Los Chavos / Loud So Clear / Magic rob Universe / Magnifik / Maids / Malk? / Mandel Drop / Marc Robertson / Massive / Matt Dent / Matteo Rubbettino / Mattersphere / Maxo / MEDUSAEYE / Mercury Sky / Midnight Alabi / Mila Haske / Minh Ha / Miscreation / Mishmash / Mnmlych / MonsterPiece / Mooky / Mornings / Mothers Cake / Mudpuppy / My Own True Love / Na Maza / Neon Violence / NeonHoney / Nobody Knew they were Robots / Northbourne Flats / Noveaux / Ntt / Ocumus Rising / Orsome Welles / Our Last Enemy / Palace Revolution / Panik / Peaking Shears / Peekz / Penguin / Perpetual End / Pete Akhurst / Planet of the 8s / Pocket Fox / Point of View / Prodigy TributeFat Jilted Experience / Prophecise / Psionic Tide / Psynonemous / Rafe Morris / Red Arja / Red Bee / Reign Of Terror / Renegade Peacock / Reptile Park / Resonance / Richie Blaze / Rick Dangerous And The Silkie Bantams / Riske / Rodskeez / ​Ronny Kareni / Rumblr / Rumshack / S.E.T.H / Salmonella Dub / Samantha Hera / Scotts / SCOTTS / Screaming Eagle / Second Sun / Self Is A Seed / Seppy / Septimus Prime / Shaep Shifta / Shazam / Signs & Symbols / Silentia / sinnerZ / Sixty Eight Lyons / Skyvory / Smashed Hat / Smeg / Sorry Meditators / Southerly Change / Space is Dead / Space Party / Splitscene / Spoil / Steve Sobevski / Stoj / Stu Tyrell / Styles & Hyde / Sunchaser and the Wayward Orchestra / Super Best Friends / Svelt / System Addict / T:mo / Taliesin / Team Wing / Teiva Jade / Temtris / Ten Years Too Late / Tensions Arise / The Archaic Revival / The Barren Spinsters / The Bastard Sons of Liberty / The Bird / The Blue Ruins / The Cashews / The Chuffs / The Culture Industry / The Deep End / The Defiant Few / The DevilzWork / The Duelist / The Ellis Collective / The Feldons / The Fighting League / The Get Downs / The Glaciers / The Guitar Cases / The Ians / The Ingrids / The Kevin Windross Band / The Khalasar / The Naddiks / The Narcissists / The Pretty Bones / The Revelers / The Rhythm Hunters / The Rocksteady / The Roger Bone Band / The Standard Deviants / The Stone Cold Crazies / The Vee Bees / The Veil / The Wardens Of Sound / Therein / Time & Weight / Tjupurru / Tonk / Tortured / Toxicmen / Transience / Transvaal Diamond Syndicate / Triply / Troldhaugen / Truckfighters / TTTDC / Tundrel / Van She Tech / Vanity Roits / Variodivers / Vintage Vulva / Voltera / Walky / Wallflower / Wandering Ghosts / Wax Rabit / Wesley and the Crushers / Whomple Stiltskin / Witch Fight / Witchgrinder / Witchskull / Wretch / Zac Hore / Zoopagoo

Sunday 25 August 2019

Thursday 8 August 2019

Planet of the 8s

Get an eye full of this! Planet of the 8s playing Transit Bar with Skyvory and Flash Anthem on the 6th of September!
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Monday 15 July 2019

Hence the Testbed

Thanks Transit Bar for the food and drinks and stage! Thanks Chasing Lana for for driving 411.285592 miles to absolutely smash it and then driving 411.285592 more just to be 88.714408 miles - each way - off having a super catchy pop tune reference! Thanks to Tundrel for bringing the killer tunes, tone and party! Thanks to Cognisant for rocking the fuck out! Thanks to Kurt for saving the day with an orange juice bottle and some gaff! Was a killer night and we all had a great time! Next up we hit The Basement for burgers, brews and a batch of ballistic bands with 3 Broken Strings, Clarity of Chaos, Innaxis Axiomatic Theory and LOCK bringing out the jams. Going to be a really awesome mix of tunes on the 31st of August in the After Dark room so keep that last day of winter free and smash in spring with some Chompy’s at The Basement and tunes. Nice...

Monday 8 July 2019

July 08, 2019 at 09:12PM

Chasing Lana are on their way! Tundrel and Cognisant are all fired up and Sam has been doing a bunch of sit-ups while Ad and I stand by and critique his technique. Our prep is right on track. Grab your tickets now - from us or any of the other bands - for what is going to be a ridiculously huge night of music at Transit Bar on the Saturday the 13th of July. We can't wait to see what all the other bands smash out on the night as they are all on absolute fire right now! Catch you all there for a beer and some solid-as tunes!

Tuesday 25 June 2019

June 25, 2019 at 11:11AM

We had such a killer night of thumping tunes at our last outing with Mattersphere and The Pretty Bones supporting the amazing Ablaze on their Long Way Home tour, that there was no choice but to hit up the Transit Bar again! This time, our great mates in Cognisant and Tundrel will be joining us in welcoming Chasing Lana to our fair city on the 13th of July. Hit us up for tickets to this one so as the Chasing Lana lads are motoring all the way up from Melbourne, they know they'll have a warm welcome waiting despite the Canberra chill. You really shouldn't miss this one!

Friday 17 May 2019

Buy Ablaze 'Long Way Home' Tour @ Transit tickets, ACT 2019 | Moshtix

For all of those after tickets to the Ablaze - 'Long Way Home' Tour - Transit Bar, Canberra, you can grab them from your friendly Moshtix URL
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Wednesday 15 May 2019

Hence the Testbed

Once again Canberra has floored us with a deluge of talent at Festival Allsorts #4. Such a great line up and a very proud day to be a muso in this crazy little town. Well done to all the punters, bands, staff and crew that made such a big day possible. And a big cheers to Shananigans Entertainment and The Basement for giving everyone such a cool platform to showcase their wares! Next up, we get to show some friends from Melbourne around when the Ablaze - 'Long Way Home' Tour - Transit Bar, Canberra hits town. With The Pretty Bones and Mattersphere for tour guides, I think we are in for one hell of a pit stop for the Ablaze boys!

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Hence the Testbed

Our next outing is an inSANE lineup of local talent. On May 11th, we'll be hanging with Psionic Tide + ESCAPE SYNDROME + Beta Blockers + Changeable Dan + SCOTTS + MEDUSAEYE (Formerly Chasing Nimbus) + The Barren Spinsters + reignofterror + Local Horror + Prophecise + CHUD + Hence the Testbed + Clarity of Chaos (album launch) + Loud So Clear + Cockbelch + The Wardens Of Sound + The Narcissists + The Get Downs + Fvceless + El'Rose + Palace Revolution + GtoA + Teiva Jade + Just Jen + John Wickham All from your home town, all worth the price of admission on their own! Don't worry though, once we all pile in to The Basement, there will still be plenty of room for everyone else. We'll be selling some tickets for $25 that will cost you $35 on the door if any are left. A buck a band. Won't get a better deal than that this side of Saint Swithen's day, no matter how many kippers you have.

Friday 19 April 2019

Hence the Testbed

Thanks for visiting us Filthy Lucre! You boys smashed it! Such a huge sound and energy for two dudes. Was a pleasure to see you guys strut your stuff. Mattersphere, you boys rocked out hard as usual! Was great to watch. Taliesin / Silentia, those harmonies are something special. You guys always remind me how good music can be. Thanks to Damo for the killer work behind the faders. Getting as many compliments as the bands means you are doing something special back there. Cheers to everyone who came out and made it a great night. The Basement crew were in fine form as always and are the most gracious hosts you could wish to have. Try the Hellrancho burger with aoli and BBQ. It is wicked! Good luck with the rest of the tour guys. You are killing it!

Thursday 18 April 2019

Monday 15 April 2019

Filthy Lucre

Tommy Chong laying down the word on Filthy Lucre Thursday the 18th of April at The Basement
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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Filthy Lucre

Our next outing! 18th of April at The Basement with Filthy Lucre, Mattersphere and Taliesin! Get you earballs around these guys https://ift.tt/2U0DR9J
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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Hence the Testbed

For all of you who witnessed Saturday nights tune fest you will be well aware that Tundrel and Cicadastone were awesome! For those who didn't manage to catch the show, try not to miss out next time. You really won't be disappointed by either of these bands. Thank you to The Basement for having us and to Julian for the killer sound once again! We are still plugging away at finalising the first part of the EP. Just a bit of art (which is looking bloody awesome so far thanks Przemek!) and some uploading to do and you'll be able to dive in and have a listen. It's been a long road but it's finally looking like Part 1 of 2 will be in your hands very soon. About bloody time!

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Cicadastone - Drown My Hopes

Check this out! Cicadastone!
from Hence the Testbed https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f0oAF1JN6Qw

Friday 22 February 2019

Hence the Testbed

A belated but none the less hearty thanks to all who came out to Shananigans 12 - The Big-Kids Party! (Shaggs' 40th!! bday bash). Thanks for making it such a great night! We had a hell of a time soaking in all the killer acts and as you can tell by the belated nature of this post, have only just recovered. Triple thumbs up to everyone who made it all possible. Don't ask where we got the extra thumb though - we still aren't sure.

Saturday 9 February 2019

February 09, 2019 at 11:40AM

Thanks to all who have grabbed their tickets already. MVP's the lot of ya! But there are only 4 chances left to stick-it-to-da-man and keep your hard earned 'booking' and/or 'I didn't get around to organising a ticket in time' fee in your pocket where it belongs. You'll join the MVP list and you can spend the spoils on pinball and popcorn chicken! See you all soon!

Monday 4 February 2019

February 04, 2019 at 10:10PM

Like saving money? Enjoy a good time? If you ignored both these questions because you were out having fun in a frugal manner then this deal is for you! We have a few tickets left for Shananigans 12 - The Big-Kids Party! (Shaggs' 40th!! bday bash)! Grab 'em now and you'll be saving a whopping 16.66667% off the price that the less organised party animal will be paying at the door. If the tickets were $5,999,998.80 you would be saving a cool million bucks! Crazy huh? If you do want to save that sort of cash, we can sort you out with 240,000 tickets (we'll even round it up for you!), but we'll also sell them in singles for just $25 a pop. Get in contact with us and we'll sort you out. 🤟😀 See you there nice and early for some Mario Kart action!

October 08, 2022 at 02:19AM