Sunday 28 December 2014

Transience - Endless Change

Get an earful of this! Transience will be dropping by The Basement on the 9th of Jan for what is set to be an awesome show with ourselves, Second Sun and Sorry Meditators! Miss this one and you'll be kicking yourself. If that happens, send videos. Current world record for kicking ones self in the head is 127 but this guy wins on style points.

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December 28, 2014 at 09:20AM

Saturday 20 December 2014

Help TONK release Ruby Voodoo (LP) by Jeff Rudd and Steve Gray

Dive in and throw a few bob to the amazing TONK to help get their new album across the line. You'll also get, free of charge, a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you're keeping the music alive.

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Monday 15 December 2014

Hence the Testbed

Well Transit Bar, that was an awesome night! Everyone who made it out will be able to testify as to the shear explosiveness that was Alithia. Just amazing guys! Thanks so much for stopping by Canberra and hope to see you back again real soon! Our good mates Tundrel wowed the room yet again winning over some new fans with their first few notes. Wicked stuff boys! Our next outing is at The Basement on the 9th of January with Transience, Second Sun and Sorry Meditators - so get your drinking pants on nice and early, practice up over the break and come and smash a few with us over some killer tunes! This is actually our last currently booked show so if no one ever asks us to play again, this will be it, so you might want to check us out one last time, just in case. As always, FB event details in the comments so some of you may actually see this. \m/>.<\m/

Sunday 14 December 2014

December 14, 2014 at 08:59PM

Holy shit! Alithia!

December 14, 2014 at 07:57PM

The Tundrel machine firing on all cylinders!

Hence the Testbed

Your Friday was huge. Your Saturday was epic. Now you have the Sunday blues. :( Well fear not! Transit Bar has organised the exact remedy to wind your weekend up in style! Alithia, Tundrel, and our intriguing selves blasting out some tunes for your entertainment! Free pool, great beer, good company, kick arse tunes, and all nice and early so you don't have to worry about Monday eating you alive. We hit the stage at 6:40 so wander on in and have a beer with us. See you there!

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Hence the Testbed

Come down and check out Alithia this Sunday the 14th at Transit Bar with ourselves and Tundrel laying down the prologue. Here is some of what the press is saying about this incredibly atmospheric outfit. I think I will be bringing a bean bag to get the full experience. “Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this masterful album!” 5/5 STARS - Music Waves, Paris, France. “Imagine looking down at the earth, floating through space, out of Body and out of mind while listening to this. It’s beautiful.” - Vulture Mag, Melbourne, Australia. "Their concert isn’t made of songs but of sounds, color and life. Their music is a spiritual state, emotion and empathy... their music is love and exploration... a breath of fresh air in a world far too polluted by the mainstream." -, Bucharest, Romania. "The music Alithia creates is intelligent, creative and emotional… amazing songwriting and musicianship." - Blank Magazine, Gold Coast, Australia. “AlithiA are pure emotion” -, Melbourne, Australia. "The fire of the Australian desert is deep inside them with intense tribal drums and shamanistic feel to their music.” - / Budapest, Hungary. "Their music is filled with the cosmos, chaos and complexity... a beautiful cacophony" Russia Today English

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