Saturday 31 December 2011

The wind down

We are done for the year! Summer Rhythm was a brain-meltingly good time for the full 3 days and anyone who didn't make it really missed out. Met a lot of awesome people and heard some truly amazing bands. We also kept a lot of our camping neighbours up all night with some world class drivel. Sorry peeps!

We haven't quite worked out the plan for next year just yet but there is talk of trying to record at some stage. All we have to do is either magic up a bunch of cash from thin air or come up with a cunning and ingenious plan. Sam is working on the magic one, I'll be trying the cunning and ingenious method. When we both fail we will just ask Ad who will give us the answer straight away and make us look like even bigger chumps than we already are.

Which ever way it falls, we will see you next year for more fun and good times! Stay safe, beanbags!™

™ "Stay safe, beanbags!" Is ™ and all rights reserved.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Last practice

So we had an impromptu last jam today before the big ol' Summer Rhythm Festival. Ad tried to convince me that a bad jam is a sign of a good gig. Sam tried to tell me that we need 4 hours of new material. I drank too much beer and felt funny. I think we are so ready for this thing that ready things are going to look like a big pile of before shots for Viagra. Then again I'm not a "Is the glass half full or half empty?" sort of guy. I'm more of a "The glass has something in it so lets drink it!" type of fellow. Unless that glass is Coke and Mayonnaise. I ain't drinking that on a bet!

Where was I again? Oh yeah... watch Dub Marine! And us of course!

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